About Us

I grew up fascinated by butterflies. By the time I was in second grade, I was sure that I wanted to be a lepidopterist, someone who studies and collects these beautiful insects. As one dream led to another, and I eventually settled on photography as my passion and career choice, I never forgot about my first love affair with butterflies. 

I was playing with a stacked, reverse-lens-macro technique used to photograph objects at extreme magnification one winter day, attempting to capture the detail of individual snowflakes, when I decided to see what a tiny portion of a wing from the world's most colorful insect, the sunset moth, looked like. I had one displayed in a frame, the only physical reminder of my boyhood interest in butterflies, and I removed it carefully, and then, in my small kitchen, holding my tripod steady with a 35-pound dumbbell and lighting the wing with a powerful flashlight, took a series of one hundred photos to stack into a single, well-focused image. Staring at the result, I was amazed by the unseen beauty of this moth's iridescent scales - how they shimmered with play of light like a fine opal. 

As drawn to the thrill of discovery as I was initially pulled to butterflies, I spent the next few days playing with my image. By mirroring it, cloning parts of it, reflecting it, and keeping it perfectly, to-the-pixel symmetrical, I watched as a beautiful, geometric pattern emerged. Without altering color, importing any designs, or adding any "drawn" artifacts into my image, I produced something - an entirely new form of art - that the world has never seen before.

While the images in themselves are spectacular, I wondered what more I could do with them. Was there a way I could fuse my love of butterflies and moths, my passion for photography, and my desire to create something new into something people could use and appreciate?

Looking at the mosaic-pattern on a fine, woven rug, it occurred to me that my images, completely natural as they were, didn't appear terribly different. Textiles, I thought. That's what this lends itself best to.

Wearing Wings is in its infancy, but it is the culmination of my life-long appreciation of butterflies and moths, my love of photography, and an innate drive to seek, explore, and discover. All the patterns you see here in this store are completely, 100% natural, photographic designs created from nothing more than tiny portions of colorful wings.

I believe that every artist - poet, painter, sculptor, singer, or photographer - hopes to leave the world with a gift uniquely their own. This is part of mine. Look around, please, drop me a line with any questions you may have, and enjoy the never-before-seen patterns of these fashion items.

4:1 macro image of Blue Clipper Butterfly Wing


Completed, 100% Natural Design from image

Wearing Wings Pattern on Pillow Case